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Monday, May 29, 2006

How a Good Blogs turn into Bad

You have ideas, have word of your own, some reader may like it, but some may not. Its a nature. But do not give up, stand on the bright side, lets say, some might like your first blog post, some might like your third blog post. This means that, there is no 100% of readers around the world would actually like or love all your blog post, maybe at least 1 or 2 to infinite. The most important point of having a Good Blogs, is don't let your readers down. Like what have mentioned by ProBlogger on When Good Blogs Go Bad. Try imagined that you are Darren of ProBlogger, and you are reading one of the Blogs which you always read on, and one day, the blogs, actually some of the things which might let you down, or sad to continue on. How would you feel. Why? There are few reason of being let down, and why you would turnaway and wish that you would be coming back again to this blog.

Among 4 explain on How a Good Blogs turn into Bad

1. Earnings

- Yes. Most important word to most blogs. By try bear in mind that you still can earn more, if you have a loyal readers, or blog's fan. With all your loyal regular blogs reader, you will still get your earns and rewards. If you try to push too far, what will happen is, your regular blogs reader might turnaway or even doesn't bother to visit your blogs anymore.

2. Ads

If you have great sponsors, or would like to let your reader to know and buy something from your sponsors, show them few but not all of it. Not agree? What if your blogs is 99% ads and only 1% of it are your content? Would you, yourself mind going into your own blogs? I don't think so. Some reference to look and read on, like some of the Successful Blogs that i've mentioned earlier, you can try count how many ads are there on their blogs, even your own hand can count and it is not even more than one hand. Why are they still successful? Why are there still a numbers of visitor and reader keep coming to their blogs? One of the reason, not many ads on their page(this is one of the reason).

3. Improper layout

Changing your blogs layout too often, is not a recommended choice of all, if you change often, actually you are asking your readers to learn more of your blogs layout instead of letting them to read your blogs content. Imagine today you just went in to this blogs, and you notice some links click that you always click on is on the left side, and by tomorrow, you visit the same blogs, and the link is somewhere around, and you will need some times to look for it. But why are you visiting the blogs again? Because you want to read their contents or their post. Changing a blogs layout, is not that you can't change, but try not to change too often, maybe you can change once in a month, or twice in a month. Would be acceptable to most readers.

4. Posting Habits

Earlier we have mentioned about Blogging Habits, which is part of this How good blogs turn into bad. On the first day of blogs post, you are so hardworking for it, think this and that, find source here and there, and you have at least a post a day. Then suddenly your blogs have a post in a month, who want to come back to read about it. This is a bad blogging habits, your blogs reader will definitely train up to run 100m, why? because they run away so fast that they even break the latest world record in just 2secs. Yeah. it only took 2 seconds for your visitor to runaway by pressing the cross button on the far top right.

Darren's Impression
The first emotion, regarding the change in posting frequency, was disappointment. I used to genuinely enjoy reading the blog and looked forward to hearing the latest thoughts of the blogger. Losing that daily contact with someone else interested in what I was into was sad. I hadn’t realized just how much I’d come to appreciate what they had to say until it was gone.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blogging Habit

Blogging Habit is like a human habit on what you do and what you will be doing daily. Habit sometime will effect the way you blog, if you are in a good mood, writing a post on your blog might be great but what if you are in a bad mood, i don't even think that you want to do anything near your PC. Habits also play an important role for a blogger. Some blogger would like to work a night cos it might get them too sleepy to work on, while others have their own way of scheduling their work, and that is an habit. Blogging habit, can't be change just by forcing yourself to do something, it doesn't. You will need time to let yourself get use to it. Some guideline on the same scenario of habit you can refer to,

1. Cotton-Pickin'Days - My Blogging habits
2. Communication Overtones - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Blogs
3. Consultant Blogs - 7 Habits of Blogging consultant
4. EEWits - What makes an effective blog or blogger
5. anthonysmirror - Effective way to blog

Blogger tips, the most important is what you going to blog on, and the content must be readable to all. Having a good habit on doing something isn't anything bad, it will also make yourself more schedulerable, and reliable to things around you.

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Successful Blogs

Few words about blogs, on the internet world, you noticed that there are more then thousand to hard count numbers of blogs around. Few that i picked here, might be a good reference for you all that are looking for one to refer on. They are well-known blogs and also they have much much more experience in blogging. Which also brings to "income", yes, they did pretty well and earn from it. How they earn, where does their income comes from? What did they blog on? All this questions, you can find some answer in it. Time and reading is require also if you want to blog with successful. Readers or visitor won't just fall from the sky, they all came from search engine, recommendations, links, a blog that blog about it, some which refer it to you, all this are actually goes back to content issue. What you really need to most is, to have a good contents, quality, word of your own(which reader will accept).

Highly recommended Sucessful Blogs to refer to :

1. ProBlogger - Make Money Online with ProBlogger Blog Tips
2. Successful Blog - Talking business, swapping strategies, and building relationships.
3. Engadget - A good refering blog that you might want to read on gadgets.
4. TheGadgetBlog - Yet another gadget blogs, with it unique way of blogging gadgets.
5. TheRawFeed - Blog with short post which easyly to be understood.
6. DigitalInspiration - Blogging tips, a way of their own, have a clear cut guide.
7. PopSugar - Blogging on celebrities news, a word of their own also, but must have an accurate news like what they do.
8. ChrisAbraham - A great blog on technology, news of today.
9. elliotback - Pure blogs with wording, gadgets reviews.

For the abovementioned list, you can always refer on their weblog, how they do it? Learn how they do it? Most of the mentioned blogs, their daily visitor reaches thousand and millions, how did they do that?

If you take a closer look on their blog, read about what they blog, learn from what they are mentioning, you will notice that why people around the world keep coming back to their blog. Blogging aren't easy for a start, you don't get visitor just a snap, you have to work hard for it. To have a successful blogs, first thing, "Content" and also learn from other pro. Take advice from them, listen to their advice.

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